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Share your true experience.

Avoid abusive or offensive language.

Do not write Fake Reviews

Avoid personal details. (email, mobile, address)

Remember! well informative review benefit more readers.

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Write Share & Win Cash!



Share your personal experience and Win Cash Rewards!

Every Review left on and by share it in Facebook we will give a 1 eJorip point which can be converted in TK.

We will draw result every month pay cash out folloing month for contest winners via bkash/Rocket/flexiload.

Frequently asked Question

What is eJ point?

eJ Points are rewards you earn for activities on by writing a review and sharing in Facebook.

How quickly do eJ points can I see in my account?

Once writing a review and sharing via Facebook with our Facebook share button you can see your points in my profile instantley

What can I do with eJorip points?

You to convert eJ points to cash. will transfer you cash rewards in your bank account or We can every month pay cash out via Bikask/Rocket/flexiload.

Where Can I see my eJ points?

When you write and share a review. You can see your total eJ points from your profile as summary box.

How can I update my Bank details/Bikash or Receiving payment details in Is it safe to share my bank details?

When a eJorip reviewer earns 500 eJ Points we will announce it in our FB page and in site and contact with you for your preferred payment option.
We will contact you via your mobile phone.

Will I have to pay anything to to participate in this contest?

We will never ask you to send us any money, We will be sending you money for your eligible eJ points.
Please remember will never ask you for your personal details or Bank Passwords OR ANY PASSWORD AT ALL.

What exactly should I write a review about?

  • Pick a product or service you've bought or used.
  • Share your personal experience about it.
  • Keep your reviews informative to help others make buying decisions

Is there a limit on the number of reviews one can write in a day?

Write as many reviews per day. There is no limit to leave review how much you can earn, but you cannot leave review on same product or services twice.

What about limits on number of invite friends?

You win 1 eJ points for writing a good review and sharing in your facebook page. 

Does really give away Cash Prizes?

Yes! we draw and notify in our website/Facebook page every month and upload the winners every month.


  • Junk, abusive, copied and promotional content - not acceptable, No eJ Points will be credited for such content
  • Only genuine, personal reviews are eligible for eJ Points
  • No Copy Paste or leaving review twice on same items
  • We might ask you to upload a sample photo of a product
  • We will verify mobile number by text or calling
  • No fake, Offensive and insulting reviews
  • Reviews should be on products or services recently bought or used by you
  • Admin can take away review from you if you brake our terms of writing
  • Movie review should be of movie currently in cinema
  • eJ Points will be converted to cash and credited after 1st of every month
  • eJorip can Increase/decrease the value of eJorip points at any time
  • It may take up to 10 working days for the money to transfer

Please read our terms and conditions, Privacy. Policy and Copyright Policy
eJorip's decision is final

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We work hard to make sure no reviews are false and we do not delete or edit reviews.

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